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Wednesday, 04 February 2009 00:51
MONTENEGRIN VIRTUAL LIBRARY (MVL) Project implies networking libraries in Montenegro into a unique information system, thus providing to library users - in an organised and rational manner – access to information and documents in electronic form, whether created in the very (autonomous) system of Montenegro or providing via it the access to joint COBIB database (in the COBISS.Net – including the cooperative systems of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Montenegro), or acting as an intermediary to access specialised information at any internet based computer database. 
Montenegrin libraries are grouped into six categories: the national library (Central National Library of Montenegro "Đurđe Crnojević"); higher education libraries (University Library and libraries of specific faculties within the University of Montenegro); special libraries (the Library of the Montenegrin Academy of Arts and Sciences, of the Doclean Academy of Sciences, then the libraries of scientific institutes and similar research organisations); public libraries (public lending libraries); school libraries (libraries of primary and secondary schools) and libraries of non-governmental organisations. 
The librarian activity in Montenegro is characterised by relatively small libraries, ill-equipped (with obsolete computer and communication equipment, or lacking it altogether!), with inadequate staffing, lacking specialised knowledge... 
The first stage of the MVL implies networking the national library, higher education libraries, specialised libraries, as well as some public libraries of the similar status (e.g. Public Library "Radosav Ljumović" Podgorica). The first stage of the project was carried out with the assistance of the Institute for Information Sciences from Maribor (IZUM) and the Foundation for Open Society Institute– Budapest. 
Within the second phase of the VBCG project which was implemented during 2007, next libraries are included:
Library of Medical faculty, Podgorica
City Library and Reading Room "Njegoš", Cetinje
City Library, Kotor
Public Library and  Reading Room "Ivo Vučković", Bar
Public Library "Stevan Samardžić", Pljevlja
Public Library "Dr. Radovan Lalić", Berane
 "Museums, Gallery and Library ", Budva
Library of the Historical Institute of Montenegro, Podgorica
Library of the High school of applied sciences "Ivan Uskoković" Podgorica
Public Library "Njegoš" Nikšić
Public Library "Ljubo Anđelić", Kolašin
Library of the Clinical Center of Montenegro, Podgorica
Public Library, Bijelo Polje
City Library and Reading Room, Herceg Novi
In later stages there is the possibility of including school libraries, libraries of non-governmental organisations... 
The limiting factors in the MVL development was the absence of the MVL Centre, considering that it is supposed to perform the following functions: represent the system and all participants in the MVL project; perform the legal, administrative and other tasks related to the MVL project; plan the system development and expansion; conclude agreements and cooperate with software package supplier; maintain the central electronic catalogue and monitor the system operation; define professional, technical, information and financial conditions for access to the system; system expansion and concluding agreements for the inclusion of new members; coordinated training and professional development for working in the system; administration, statistical monitoring and supervision of the system operation; cooperation with other compatible joint cataloguing systems in the region, Europe, worldwide... 
The establishment of the MVL Centre (COBISS Centre) within the Central National Library of Montenegro "Đurđe Crnojević" opens opportunities for the system expansion and implementation of further project stages.