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Wednesday, 04 February 2009 00:51
The legacies making part of the Museum Department are the legacies, special or endowment libraries of eminent Montenegrin authors, having the properties of cultural monuments. These are the legacies of: dr Pero šoć, Nikola Đonović, Dušan Gvozdenović, dr Pavle Mijović and Radivoje-Lola Đukića. They consist of monographs and periodic publications, archive materials and realia, personal items of bequeathers. They hold some 9,000 books, 513 titles, or 4,618 issues of periodic publications and several dozens of archive items. These carefully established libraries mostly contain primary and secondary literature related to a very specific and narrow area. They are presented via individual author catalogues. They are an indispensable source for the study of the life and work of the bequeathers.

The Legacy of Dr Pero Šoć (1884-1966; a culturologist, publicist and politician, minister in the Government of the Kingdom of Montenegro, one among the first Montenegrin bibliographers) - The legacy holds: 2,172 monographs with 3,106 contributions, mostly in foreign languages (French, Italian, Russian), from late 19th and early 20th century; 201 periodic publication (2,093 issues), also from late 19th and early 20th century. The legacy contains quite extensive (some 90,000 documents) and significant archive materials (classified, with required register and available to researchers). It is placed in 86 archival boxes, or 507 folders.

The materials relevant for the history of Montenegro between 1915 and 1925, the time when Montenegrin government and its sovereign were in exile is particularly significant, since Montenegrin historiography lacks data and authentic documents from this period. Another important part of the legacy is the correspondence with celebrities of the time. The legacy also contains extensive lexicographic materials.

The Legacy of Nikola Đonović (1885-1974; a lawyer and publicist) - The legacy holds: 642 monographs, with 7 appendices, 59 titles of periodic publications, or the total of 409 issues. The legacy is accompanied with archive materials, not in order. The publications of the legacy mostly pertain to the area of legal sciences.

The Legacy of Dušan Gvozdenović (1917-1993; a mathematician, university professor, publicist) - the Legacy holds: 1,602 monographs and 65 magazines with the total of 662 issues with 4 appendices. Both the monographs and serial publications are in the area of mathematics and physics and mostly in foreign languages.

The Legacy of dr Pavle Mijović (1914-1996; an art historian, member of the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts, publicist) - The Legacy holds 4,170 monographs (with 381 appendices), 179 titles of periodic publications, or 1,266 issues, with 32 accompanying appendices. As for the contents, almost all publications relate to art and history of arts.

The Legacy of Radivoje-Lola Đukić (1923-1995; a film director, author and journalist, film and TV humorist, painter).- The Legacy holds 319 monographic publications, 9 titles, or 188 issues of periodic publications, archive and audio-visual materials and visual art works. Particularly valuable items in this Legacy are the scripts for recorded and non-recorded films and TV serials, as well as non-published literary works of R. L. Đukić.