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Reading Rooms

Central National Library “Djurdje Crnojevic” is composed of three reading rooms – two at the address:  Bulevar crnogorskih junaka 163, and one at the address: Njegoseva 23. Library materials can be used strict inside the reading rooms of Central National Library. Electronic catalog of Central National Library and an interactive electronic catalog are available for 24 hours on the Internet.
Services of Internet usage are included in the price of annual and semi – annual membership fees.
Draskovic Nadezda
Tel:  +38241 231 143, loc. 122
E-mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Borilovic Branislav
Tel:  + 38241 231 143, loc. 122
E-mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





Use of Material
-    The right to use library materials and services of the library is acquired by registration.
-    During registration process, the membership fees need to be paid according to the valid pricelist of the Central National Library “Djurdje Crnojevic”.
People Who Have the Right to Use Library Materials:
-    Montenegrin citizens, over 18 (using the Identification Card);
-    Exceptionally – persons under 18 (Graduates), with the approval of the Director;
-    Foreign citizens residing in our country (using Passport);
-    Scientific institutions and other organizations that are members of a collective user group.

Registration of Users
-    Library material is used inside the Reading Rooms of the Library;
-    Users are booking publications by reverse;
-    Received publication could be used u up to 30 days;
-    If publication is not used for 3 days in a row, it needs to be discharged and returned to the depot;
-    At the end of the working day, the user is required to return all publications that he/she has used to the worker in the Reading Room.

Behavior and Responsibilities of Users

*Library users must behave in accordance with the cultural and scientific character of the institution.
*It is forbidden to:
-    Underline text;
-    Write on the Margins;
-    Bend sheets or make some similar damages.
*After receiving the ordered material, at the end of the working day, user is obliged to report any damage to the worker in the Reading Room.
*If found responsible, the user would be obliged to compensate the damaged publication. Until then, his right to use another publication from the funds of this institution would be withdrawn.
*The user who brings publication outside the library, unauthorized  – loses his right to use the funds of Central National Library “Djurdje Crnojevic” permanently.
*Each user is welcomed to suggest ways for improving library services or acquisition of materials.





For the users of library services

Membership Fees
Annual – 10, 00€
Monthly – 3, 00€
For three days – 1, 00€

A4 – 0, 05€
A3 – 0, 10€

Scanning, Printing, Burning to CD-ROM
Scanning the material from the funds of Central National Library – 0, 15€
Printing of the scanned material without images – 0, 10€
Printing of the scanned material with images (black and white) – 0, 30€
Printing of the scanned material with colored images – 0, 70€
Burning to CD – ROM – 1, 50€

Recording the Material from the Special Funds for Public Display
Reproductions in books, magazines and newspapers – 8, 00€
Reproductions on posters, calendars, postcards, etc. – 20, 00€
TV, film and video writings – 8, 00€
Recording with digital camera – 0, 70€

CIP (Cataloging in Publication)
Monographs – 12, 00€
Serials – 12, 00€
Barcode production – 8, 00€
Package tour (CIP + Barcode production) – 17, 00€
Classification of the articles inside Serials (the first article) – 1, 50€
Researching and providing information for users (by special request of the user) – 2, 50€

ISBN – Annual Participation by Title
II group (100 titles and more) – 100, 00€
III group (11 – 99 titles) – 50, 00€
IV group (2 – 10 titles) – 25, 00€
V group (1 title) – 10, 00€

COBISS Centre Services
COBISS 2 course/ Cataloguing – beginner level (per candidate) – 70, 00€
Expertise, software and service support per hour (travel expenses and overnight accommodation, if necessary, will be charged) - 10€/h

Handbook Prices
COMARC/B format (piece) – 22, 00€
COMARC/H format (piece) – 17, 00€
COMARC/Cataloging (piece) – 20, 00
COMARC/Prints (piece) – 18, 00€
COMARC/Izposoja (piece) – 18, 00€
Set (piece) – 95, 00€

Room renting in the Library
Computer room (14 seats):
-    One day rental ( use of equipment, internet, technical stuff) – 70, 00€
-    Renting over 3 days (per day) – 50, 00€
Room for lectures, literary programs, projections, etc. (70 seats):
-    An hour – 17, 00€
-    A day – 100, 00€
-    Over three days (per day) – 70, 00€






Business Hours of Reading Rooms:
From 7am to 7pm on working days the library holdings are available for use;
From 7am to 2pm on Saturday.

Business Hours of the Library:
From 9am to 5pm.






Central National Library of Montenegro “Djurdje Crnojevic” has been practicing interlibrary loan of publications from its funds, and from the funds of other libraries, from Montenegro and abroad. For readers outside Cetinje, publications may be borrowed at the request of the institutions (libraries). So borrowed publications must be used strictly inside the institution from which they were required. The deadline for returning borrowed publication is 20 days.

Only monographs may be rented outside the library. Users may be provided with the copies of the articles from serial publications, too. Actually, the word is about parts of the other publications, in accordance with the rules on the usage of the funds of the Central National Library and with the Copyright Law.

Publications published before 1950 may not be borrowed outside the Central National Library.

Postal costs and copying services shall be paid into the account of the Central National Library: 535 – 11579 – 68, Prva banka Crne Gore (nameof the bank), according to the official price list.


Milenija Vracar, the librarian
Business hours: from 9 am to 5 pm
tel.: +38241 231 143, loc. 122
fax: +38241 231 020