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CNL E-Catalogue


CNB ELECTRONIC CATALOGUEThe CNL electronic Catalogue contains some 125,000 bibliographic entries (monographs and serial publications). The establishing of the electronic catalogue started in 1989 by entering the monographic publications. The library possessed only four terminals, and thus had limited capacities for automatic processing of the current inflow of tuitles. The solution was found in selective entry of library materials, giving priority to archive copies. Having procured more PCs in 2003 the total current inflow (monographic publications) was possible to be entered and then paper-based catalogues were closed. Since March 2004 we started with automatic processing of serial publications.The electronic catalogue could be searched in three ways:
1.Basic search on 5 elements (author, title, year of publication, key words and publisher) using the asterisk (*) as a joker sign and with the possibility of narrowing down the search to the language and/or type of material and/or the possibility of electronic access
2.Selective search on 28 elements using the asterisk (*) as the joker sign and the logic operators AND, OR, NOT and the possibility of viewing entered data per each of the elements. Search may be narrowed down to the language and/or possibility of electronic access
3.Command search per all elements offered in the overview of prefixes and suffixes, using the asterisk (*) as a joker sign, logic operators AND, OR, NOT, as well as closeness operators (WITH, NEAR). Search may be narrowed to the type of contents and/or possibility of electronic access
Please find more on searching under the "help" menu of the electronic catalogue.In 2003 the paper-based catalogue was closed down. It is still, however, the only source of information for publications processed traditionally. We plan to have the retrospective conversion of the paper-based catalogue in order for the data on all publications to be computerised.